Re: What to put on a Pentium 100 with 24 meg of Ram?

On Dec 11, 1:39 am, General Schvantzkopf <schvantzk...@xxxxxxxxx>

You could try Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux. DSL claims it will run on
a 486 with 16M but their recommended spec is a 200MHz Pentium with 64M.

Thanx for the info, I'll look it up. Since this is for a toddler to
play with, I basically don't need the machine to do anything except to
be on :-) and maybe connect to the net so it can do something useful.

I assume
your real objective is to play with Linux yourself,

Yeah but not quite yet. I also have my wife's old laptop. But it's a
japanese one, so that complicates things. I don't know if there are
any decent IMEs with Linux. This laptop isn't very new either (win 98)
and not very powerful either (but we don't really do anything that
requires a lot of computing power.) Our newest one will stick with its
current Xp since I do use Sketchup and there is no Linux version of

I expect that your
daughter will be much happier with a stuffed puppy rather than Puppy

Unfortunately it's not the case. She likes boxes, drawers, soap
bubbles and anything with buttons : remotes, phones, and my damn
laptop. She's deleted some icons and renamed others, my only fear is
that she opens Explorer and start doing some real damage :-)

The Everex box will allow you to experience the state of the art
in Linux, putting DSL or Puppy on an antique machine won't do that.

Yeah but I'm not at this point yet. I want to start easy. I just want
a simple machine that connects to my router, runs a browser, and show
some pretty colors, so I could use it as an internet station in the
kitchen to find recipes and for my daughter to slam onto until she
gets interested in stuffed puppies...

Many thanks