Re: Linux on old Toshiba Satellite 320CDS

level13 wrote on 08/13/2005 08:32 ET :
I'm considering installing Linux on my old Toshiba Satellite 320CDS
laptop. I wasn't able to find its page on

Has anyone successfully installed Linux on this laptop? If so, which
distribution do you recommend? It's a Pentium 233 MMX, with 96 MB RAM.
The not-for-Linux device (at least I suspect it) might be Xircom 100/10
PCMCIA modem+ethernet card.
Currently it's running Windows 98 with all patches & updates, and last
time it was running at a "decent speed" it was before any Win98
were applied.
Anything else I should be careful about?

I tryed all the mini Linux I could find. Only Slax live worked, but could not
install. The best was DSL Damn Small Linus. It installed after a few tries. I
was able to get on the internet useing a wireles PCMCIA card. Yes you can
install a 128MB memory added to your 64mb internal giving you 160MB. The 128mb
card does not fit in flat and you need to use the keyboard to hold it down. It
is a very expensive memory card. I also install a 60gig 7200 speed drive.
expensive. I was able to install Windows XP Pro, but it was very choppy. So I
installed Windows 2000. A little bit better. Next I will try ME. Which is
an upgrade of 98 SE.