Re: Linux on old Toshiba Satellite 320CDS

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level13 wrote on 08/13/2005 08:32 ET :
I'm considering installing Linux on my old Toshiba Satellite 320CDS
laptop. I wasn't able to find its page on

Has anyone successfully installed Linux on this laptop? If so, which
distribution do you recommend? It's a Pentium 233 MMX, with 96 MB RAM.
The not-for-Linux device (at least I suspect it) might be Xircom 100/10
PCMCIA modem+ethernet card.

I don't think anyone will recommend Windows ME, but I'm surprised that
you cannot install Linux. My net book is an Eee and I have installed
two different versions of Ubuntu and Fedora 12 on it (no, not at the
same time:-) with no problems. However I don't know how Linux handles
a pcmcia card.

Depends on the card. I have straight Debian testing on this Toshiba
Portege 3110CT with P300 128MB Ram. Both 3com pcmcia ethernet and
Linksys pcmcia wireless cards are supported natively in the Linux
kernel (2.6.32). There is an ethernet port in the docking station,
but it (Intel e100) requires firmware.

Certainly if Windows XP runs Linux should.

I also run both XP and Linux from separate 16 G memory cards so even
with a 60 G disk you should have no problems to dual boot the two


Howard E.