CD ejection on a G4 (exMacOS) How??

From: Nikki (
Date: 12/27/03

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    Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 12:32:21 GMT

    trying to install Debian on my G4:

    finding Ethan Benson's special boot-ISO for neworld PPCs, nice new
    yaboot and no need to switch the disk from ATA100 (thanks Ethan) .. I
    thought "At last I can get Debian into my new G4". All seemed to be
    going fine when I got to the bit beyond tasksel and deslect and the bit
    where you feed the 7 CDs in to build the packages file. But of course
    on the fabulous new G4 there's no hard way of ejecting the disks (no
    external eject-button, and nowhere for that old paperclip), so you
    can't build the file. Hoping I might get by with just CD#1, I went
    ahead, but NO! Dependencies not met...

    Can someone help me out? I tried just about every key combination I
    could think of, and short of a can-opener ... HOW (the ****) do you get
    to switch the CDs?

    I'm hesitant to use a hammer on my new Mac, though I'm close to
    concluding that's what it deserves...


    (Just in case there's some discrepancy I'm unaware of, I was using the
    3.0r1 7-CD set for the software install)

    & pardon me, I've multi-posted this.

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