Using YDL as a router/firewall

From: Joel Daynes (
Date: 04/08/04

Date: 8 Apr 2004 07:37:24 -0700

   I am trying to set up a beige G3/266 with YDL 3.0 to be used as a
router/firewall on my home network, and am having difficulties getting
the OS to recognize the built-in NIC and the PCI NIC I installed at
the same time. It seems to be getting confused about which NIC is
which--when I have the PCI NIC installed, the hardware browser says
that it is the only NIC in the machine, and the Network configurator
says that eth0 is my PCI NIC, even though I know by MAC address and
the fact that I can unplug the network cable going to the PCI NIC and
still transmit data, that eth0 is actually the built-in NIC. Does
anyone have any experience using a YDL machine as a router/firewall?
Could you give me some suggestions/pointers?