Re: How do you like Linux on Mac

From: Jack Malmostoso (
Date: 04/09/04

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 23:07:51 +0200

Ciao David Cantrell, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> I hear this is brought up from time to time, but it never really leads
> anywhere. Someone post here if they get anywhere with Flash on PPC.

If I have some time I'll be trying it in the next few days. Not many
expectations though.
> Right right...I should think about current hardware when I say things.
> :)


> Another thing I forgot was Airport Extreme.

Right, that sucks a lot.
Luckily there are a few USB WiFi dongles that work just fine on Linux.
Not that I need them, but it's nice to know they exist.

Best Regards, Jack
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