Re: 2.6.8 Kernel: no console, but X working fine

From: Thomas Jahns (
Date: 11/17/04

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    Date: 17 Nov 2004 12:47:54 +0100

    "Frank O. Fackelmayer" <> writes:
    > In my Debian-sarge installation (all up to date) I'm having a problem
    > to get a "normal" text console. After booting, I come to the Tux, but
    > there are no messages displayed below it. The system continues
    > booting, though, and after a short while Xfree comes up and I get a
    > normal kdm login window. I can do almost all thet I want in Konsole
    > under KDE, but there is no way to get to the text console: pressing
    > the keys to switch just leaves me with a blank black screen.
    > My hardware: Powermac 7300 with Sonnet G3. Booted via BootX into
    > kernel 2.6.8 (the debian package, no home-brew) with "no video driver"
    > (video=ofonly) checked. It did/does work flawlessly under Kernel
    > 2.2.20 when I use this one for booting.
    > (BTW: Is Kernel 2.6.8 a significant improvement over 2.2.20 on this
    > old machine? I could stick with the old Kernel which works fine, but
    > I'd love to be up-to-date...)
    > Does anyone know what's wrong? Does anybody have the same problem on
    > similar hardware? From what I read I think it is a framebuffer problem
    > in the new Kernel. Is there anything (simple) I can try? I will also
    > try compiling my own Kernel when necessary, but I'll need advice how
    > to get the console running then (settings in .config).

    Unfortunately support for PowerMac framebuffers has become less and less
    reliable after about 2.4.22. But newer kernels are only needed if you
    want to have newer features like XFS support.

    I think there is a PowerMac ppc kernel on the debian site from the 2.4.x
    age that might work better for you.

    Are you using the built-in framebuffer of the 7300 or a PCI graphics

    Thomas Jahns

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