Re: Compiling a new kernel on oldworld with a Debian Woody (2.2.x)

From: newsman aka TEK1 (
Date: 04/23/05

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 02:55:26 +0200

> Do you use the ADB keyboard? If so you have two options:
> - the ADB keyboard (and mouse) will be available from the input subsystem
> and emulate a PS/2 PC keyboard of 105 key layout. (this is preferred)
> - the ADB keyboard can also be configured to emit raw ADB keycodes and
> the console keyboard configuration will need to be setup appropriately
> (old style, don't use any longer if possible)
> I do unfortunately currently only have PMacs with kernel 2.6.x near me
> and it seems the latter option has finally been removed from the kernel
> source. Therefore the corresponding part of the .config file looks like
> this:
> ====8<============================================================
> #
> # Macintosh device drivers
> #
> # CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK is not set
> # CONFIG_MAC_SERIAL is not set
> # CONFIG_THERM_ADT746X is not set
> # CONFIG_ANSLCD is not set
> ====8<============================================================
> CONFIG_INPUT_ADBHID requires to also have CONFIG_INPUT=y and
> If you need this does depend on what distribution you use and what the
> setting in the original kernel is. If you told us which distribution you
> installed someone with the same dist could perhaps tell you how to
> configure the console keyboard layout.
> Thomas Jahns

dominik heer a écrit :
> have a look at this:
> Dominik
> newsman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> After compiling and installing a new kernel (2.4.x) on my PowerMac 6500,
>> I can boot it with BootX but my keyboard doesn't match anything !
>> For example : key->gives U->d I->g 5(not on the numpad)->i O->s etc ...
>> So it's very difficult to log on and quite impossible to use it.
>> I don't use any Ram image disk because it's not needed to run original
>> kernel and binary kernel 2.4.18 that I've just installed.
>> Something's missing in my .config file ????
>> Any ideas ?

It was the good way so I managed to do it work again !
Thx to Thomas & Dominik ;)

However I have to compile with ADB support but not ADB Keymap.
Unless, there are no keyboard entries detected !!!!
I'll try to compile a 2.6 kernel to see
Here's an sample from my .config file :

  # CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK is not set
  # CONFIG_ADB_MACIO= is not set
  # CONFIG_ANSLCD is not set

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