Re: Can't boot from install CD

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reid anderson schrieb:

I recently purchased Suse Linux and I am trying to boot from the install
CD1 on a MacIntosh PPC 7300 with 80 mb of Ram , 180 mhz processor and 2
Gb hard drive.
On a more general note, on a machine with specs like that Linux only
makes sense without X11 (the GUI). I guess the complete Suse Install
with X11 will use a good deal of the 2 Gb already.

You may be right about Suse, but in general this machine has plenty of
room for Linux with X11, and lots of lightweight applications. My
first Linux box was a 486/66 with 16MB RAM and 230MB disk, and X ran
just fine. And Damn Small Linux demonstrates that this is still

Of course, bloated software will not run well on such a box, and there
is quite a bit of bloatware that runs on top of X, but that does not
mean that X itself will not run.

- anton
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