Re: How does Linux compare to Mac OS X?

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Web: Likewise, browsers abound on all platforms. If you have a real need
for Internet Explorer, you have my condolences. Firefox is a great
browser for all platforms and Safari is often fine as well. Many options.

As someone else pointed out (perhaps only to colp), browser support on
linux-ppc is fine, but browser plugin support is spotty at best. No
flash, difficult or older java, no shockwave, no streaming media. If
that's very important to the OP, OS X is probably a better choice
(though dual-boot is always an option).


Yes, flash and Shockwave support are essential to me in a browser. I
don't need skads of plug-ins, but a small and well-rounded selection is

OS X is looking like the ideal choice for me at this point, but a part
of me still wants to explore the world of Linux...then there will be the
matter of which distribution will best suit my interests.


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