Re: Beige PowerMac G3/266 trouble

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Manuel Tobias Schiller <mala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You'll find a kind of first stage of the installation system on the initrd
ram disk.

Which is the part that's not loading properly for me.

Reading /usr/src/linux/Documentation/initrd.txt (kernel 2.4.32), I gather
that you still have to mount /dev/ram as root fs to make use of the

Quote from initrd.txt:

3) initrd is mounted read-write as root
4) /linuxrc is executed ...
5) linuxrc mounts the "real" root file system
6) linuxrc places the root file system at the root directory using the
pivot_root system call

Note that the /linuxrc executable is found in the initrd. That path only
works if the initrd is mounted as /. Which it is in step 3.

The pivot_root call is used to change the root fs to some other
fs mounted under some other mount point, so someone or something obviously
needs to mount that fs (the CD, in your case), and that something is
contained on the initrd image.

According to initrd.txt, that's the job of linuxrc in the initrd image.

Well, if mounting the root device fails, my kernel usually just panics...

I get that if I specify an invalid root device (like "/dev/hdc" instead
of "/dev/hdc2").

All the better. That's what I would expect. Still, booting directly off
the CD fs and not from the initrd image seems to be a bad idea to me...

Which is not what I'm doing. I've copied the kernel (and initrd) to the
hard drive, which is where BootX is finding them.

Fine, that's how things work. Still, if you specify the CD as root
device, init is searched on the cd, which is not what it was made for...

No, initrd and the root device are quite separate, as all the above
should have made clear by now.