Re: PowerPC 6400/200 now what?

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I just got handed a PowerPC 6400/2000. The first time
it booted it came up to MacOS 8.6 that has bee modified
at least a little. It has 104M of ram and a 2.4G hd that is
about half full. It seems to have a lot of software on it but
the biggest problem is that when using it, it hesitates every
once in a while. Then it seems to catch up. I think it has
a virus. I thought I could wipe it and start from scratch
but I think this is one of the Macs that is too old to install
Linux on its' own. I have no cd's for it and I am just
starting on this journey. Any advice?

If it's a real PowerPC, then it's not too old for linux, even on its
own, if you can find a copy of quik, the OldWorld bootloader. Older
Debian distros included quik in their PPC installer (but IIRC didn't
configure it properly, so had to be done from the boot CD commandline).


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where do I get the software and instructions on how to use it?



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