Re: Can ANYONE please help? (Mac G4 won't boot Linux)

on Sunday 29 April 2007 08:23 pm, (Eric) wrote:


No luck. I installed a fresh installation of FC6 taking ALL of the
defaults, then ran yabootconfig as indicated earlier (taking care to make
sure first that I was designating boot and root correctly) and this thing
just will not boot... sits there with the little folder icon with the
alternate question mark and silly little faces.

I am absolutely out of ideas.


When you say folder icon - I'm assuming you mean the happy mac that
one sees after the hardware has been checked - and then it attempts
to boot off of the disk? Otherwise, if it's actually a folder, it
still sounds like you have something other than just Linux on the

Out of curiousity, is the new drive also SCSI 0/IDE Master? (I don't
have access to a G3, so I don't know what kind of disk it is using).

I don't know how much of hobbiest/programmer/developer you are, but
I would start looking at things related to Open Firmware to see how
your system is currently configured.

"On a PowerPC-based[3] Macintosh, the Open Firmware interface can be
accessed by pressing the keys Cmd-Option-O-F at startup. This functionality
is generally only used by developers; for common users, the Mac OS X
operating system provides a high level graphical user interface to change
commonly used Open Firmware settings. For instance, it is possible to
specify the boot disk or partition without directly using the Open Firmware
interface. Other Open Firmware settings can be changed using the nvram
command while the system software is running."

This will get you to the prompt, and you should be able to enter
specific commands to see what the machine thinks you have

At this point there isn't much else I can suggest - other than maybe
trying a different distro - or checking the bugzilla w/FC6 to see if
what you are experiencing is a known issue.

Good Luck.

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