Problems with TV Card

From: Mike Topp (
Date: 10/07/03

Date: 7 Oct 2003 08:30:29 -0700

Hey everyone,

I just installed an ATI TV Wonder VE in my Mandrake 9.1 box. I used
xawtv (scantv) to get the channels set up and am able to view the
channels now through xawtv. Little side note, I did have to downgrade
the version so that it had support for cable-canada, as I was having
trouble locating all of my channels using the us-cable setting in
later versions of xawtv.

However, not a big deal, here is where I am having issues.

1) The sound continues even after I shutdown xawtv. Has anyone
experienced this and is there a way to turn it off, short of
restarting my machine.

2) Trying to install what seems to be a great program called VCR.
( Problem with installtion
however, it keeps bailing on the search for the aviplay library. So,
I follow the nice little message that says that I need to get it and
install it, so fine, I do. Try the configure script for VCR again and
no luck. So I look in the configure file to see where it is looking
for the library, it is looking in /lib, I notice that*
is stored in /usr/lib. So I copy the* files to /lib
and try the configure script again. Still no luck. Has anyone run
into this before? Or, can someone suggest another program to use that
will allow me to record using the DivX codecs like VCR claims to be
able to do?