Glib question

From: raffelm (
Date: 10/17/03

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    Date: 16 Oct 2003 18:08:53 -0700

    I downloaded glib 2.2.3. I ran the following commands in the
    location where I decompressed the src:
    make check
    make install

    as root. It looks like it succeed to me as I didnt see any error
    msgs. Question #1: how do I know for certain?

    Next, I downloaded xmms 1.2.8 and ran ./configure in the src location
    for xmms and I get this error:

    checking for GLIB - version >= 1.2.2... no
    *** The glib-config script installed by GLIB could not be found
    *** If GLIB was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
    *** your path, or set the GLIB_CONFIG environment variable to the
    *** full path to glib-config.
    configure: error: *** GLIB >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install
    first ***

    I tried setting GLIB_CONFIG to /usr/local/lib where the lib files
    are. I also tried setting it to the source location but I still can't
    get xmms to configure. Question #2 is what should GLIB_CONFIG point

    I've used locate, find and which to find a glib-config file. I have
    not found anything on my system. I've read README and install in the
    glib source dir. I've been to the gtk web. Searches on google
    yielded a lot. Nothing proved helpful too me. I am really lost here.
     I would be happy to RTFM if I could just find a FM to read :=)

    I really would love to have an answer as to how to go about fixing
    this....I'm begging plz :=)


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