Tom's root boot creation problems to a newbie...

From: Ashish (
Date: 11/07/03

Date: 6 Nov 2003 23:14:26 -0800

I am trying to create Tom's root boot with
As stated in the instructions, I Unzipped this file into a directory,
did a 'cd' into that director and typed in 'install' on the MS-DOS
prompt. According to the instructions, 'install' should guide me
through the the root boot floppy creation. But after typing 'install',
my screen just writes out some messages on the screen and returns back
to the command prompt. What am I doing wrong? The messages it writes
to the screen are:

> CPU is in V86-mode (may be WINDOWS, EMM, QEMM, 386MAX, ...)
> You need pure 386/486 real mode or VCPI server to boot Linux
>LOADLIN started from DOS-prompt
>WARNING : Not enough free memory <load buffer size>

Could these messages be the reason why 'install' is not working
properly? What is the way out? I never thought creating the root boot
could be such difficult.