Re: Crashed...need to recover. Please help

From: Travis Casey (
Date: 11/19/03

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:24:31 GMT

Alex Marshall wrote:

> Recently, for whatever reason, my computer didn't boot up properly, and
> who
> knows what got corrupted (besides my linux installation). Anyways, Redhat
> won't boot anymore and I want to save the stuff in my home dir using a
> knoppix disc to boot up and then copy everything I have to another
> computer,
> but I can't get in to my home dir. Is there any way to claim ownership of
> my former home dir or other wise access its contents?

Well, there's not a lot to go on, since you don't tell us anything about
what commands you're using or what errors you're getting. I'm guessing
that you're doing something like:

- boot Knoppix

- click on the hard disk partition /home used to be on

- try to navigate to /home/username

If that's what you're doing, probably the problem is that Knoppix by default
logs you in as the user "knoppix", not as root. Thus, if your home
directory on the RedHat installation wasn't world-readable and executable,
you can't "get into" it.

Does this seem to fit what's happening?

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