Re: Need help creating Linux boot disk

From: P.T. Breuer (
Date: 01/22/04

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 06:30:21 GMT

In Hiawatha Bray <> wrote:
> Much as I appreciate the offer of help, you've just confused me more.

Why? Is your optical circuit malfunctioning?

> > Sure - the reiserfs driver says there is no resierfs on hdb1 (major 3,
> > minor 65, or hex 0x341). Therefore you are wrong when you state that
> > there is a resiserfs on hdb1, since the reiser filesystem driver of
> > course is the ultimate arbiter of what is a reiserfs or not, and your
> > ideas are merely opinions in comparison.
> What are you talking about? I never said there was a resiserfs on hdb 1.

Then why are you trying to boot one?

      Loading kernel/fs/resierfs/reiserfs.o

(Whooooo! You *typed* that!)

      sh-2021: reiserfs_read_super: can not find reiserfs on ide0(3,65)
      Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:41

Are you saying that the fs is not a reiserfs? Well, whatever it is, why
don't you include a driver for it in your kernel, then? And if it is
not a reiserfs, why *did* you include a driver for a reiserfs in your

Would you mind explaining your inference engine backtrace? I am unable
to detect the deduction laws you are applying, given your announced
objectives and the corresponding observations.

> How could I? I don't know what a resiserfs is, for pete's sake.

WHy do you want to know? And why don't you? (not that I am interested -
I merely wonder what stops you looking it up).

> I said it
> wouldn't boot. Any ideas as to why it won't,

It won't boot because there is no appropriate filesystem for the kernel
you have created at the point where you have told the kernel to expect
one. The kernel is only logical. It does not know how to second-guess
your intentions from your actions (indeed, I am having trouble myself).
It merely does what it is told to. You told it to boot from hdb1, but
there is no filesystem there that it can boot from.

So either you are wrong about where the filesystem is, or you have
created a kernel without the appropriate file system driver. EIther
way, the knowledge of what you have done and what your intentions are
are locked within your own neural mass, and I am afrraid we will have
to extract it ...

> and what I can do to make it
> boot, would be greatly appreciated.

You can fix one of the two possible human errors noted above.

> What's a somaprobe?

A somaprobe is a full-body probe to trace your neural pathways and
corporal interactions, with the aim of back-mapping your virtual logical
structure. The aim is for us to be able to understand what you know and
what you are doing, and why. The treatment is usually only applied to
patients who are unable or unwilling to speak for themselves.

> And if the kernel's panicking, how do I find it?

Find what?