Re: How to set up my computer to print to a mini print server ?

From: gurdude (gurdude-a-with-a-circle-yahoo-dot-com)
Date: 06/01/04

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    Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 18:25:30 -0400

    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. However,
    since yesterday's posting, I found that when I enter the web-based printer
    utilities screen (by typing into the browser), I am able to
    print a test page using the button that they've got on that screen. Trouble
    is, it's not really like printing a test page from the Linux OS. I'm just
    doing it from the browser, which happens to be running in Linux.

    I scoured the web and found a few Apple folks that found some wierd behavior
    with this print server, so maybe it's just going to require some more

    > Hmmm.... Try using the Networked UNIX as the Queue Type.
    > The Server will be the IP address you assigned The Queue will be lp0
    > The rest depends on your printer. If your printer is one of the HP DeskJet
    > series then choose the Networked JetDirect instead for the Queue Type and
    > use still use the IP address with the port being 9100 (or the port
    > Hawkings Technology's manual states).
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