Why and How to move from Win to Linux?

From: Jack McGovern (jack_at_kwjhdwedjw.invalid)
Date: 06/07/04

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 12:21:27 GMT

Sorry, this has probably been answered earlier, but googling left me
with such a vast number of hits that I sort of "collapsed"...

I'm a middle manager of a company with approx 200 employees all using
Windows 2000 or XP with typical office applications like MS Office but
at the same time more uncommon software for project management, hr
management etc. All servers run Windows NT / 2000 server (I think...)

I'm not an IT guy, but a few of my subordinates has told me that I
should bring on to the top management that maybe we should move to
Linux for both servers and workstations.

I admit that we are experiencing a few stability problems with the
current platform, and they have told me that it would drastically
improve if we change to Linux. Is that really true? Where can I find
documentation of this?

The move itself; for the server's part I guess it won't be a big
problem (will it? can somehow all data on the servers just be
"incorporated" in the new Linux installation? Mail, user's documents,
etc.) but how about the workstations? How would we execute a move from
Windows to Linux on 200+ workstations without creating several days of
downtime while installing Linux OS and Linux software and converting
user files (not just documents etc but user accounts etc.) ?

And finally, will all employees have to be trained in using Linux
before they can use it, or will most of them recognize the user
interface from Windows and thus keep doing the basic stuff and get
trained for the more advanced tasks later?

I hope someone could help me out a bit here...