Re: Ways to keep my Debian box updated over dial-up (3 KB/sec)?
Date: 02/03/05

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 16:46:28 -0600

Someone told me to look at apt-zip and apt-move commands, but he/she
didn't know how to use them (just read about them). I downloaded those
two packages and ran them. I looked at their help with "man" command, but
I am still puzzled on how to use them for my dial-up issue.

What am I supposed to do with them? I assume I want to use apt-zip:
"These scripts simplify the process of using dselect and apt on a non-
networked Debian box, using removable media like ZIP floppies. One
generates a `fetch' script (supporting backends such as wget and lftp, in
a modular, extensible way) to be run on a host with better connectivity,
check space constraints of your removable media, and then install the
package on your Debian box."

I am at a loss on how to start this. I assume it is like run these scripts
on my Debian box after doing apt-get update (30+ minutes), copy the list
of locations to download, go to a Windows box with broadband connection
like at work, run the wget to download all the packages, burn them to CD
or copy to USB Flash drives/sticks, then run apt-get upgrade from the CD
or USB Flash drives/sticks. Is that how it supposed to work?

Sorry if I sound like a newbie/novice which I am. ;) Thank you in advance.

In comp.os.linux.setup wrote:
> Hello!

> I no longer have broadband connection nor can get broadband at home for
> my Internet usage. I am forced to use dial-up with EarthLink that only
> goes at 3 KB/sec due to poor Verizon's phone systems. Back in Autumn of
> 2004, I installed Debian v3.1 with its Sarge installer. Net installation
> was so fun and easy over cable modem connection. Not any more on dial-up.
> :(

> I noticed apt-get update takes forever to download (30+ minutes). Just
> for kicks, I saw many MB to download for apt-get upgrade. It was about
> 250 MB would be 25 hours nonstop (woah). EarthLink doesn't let me stay
> online more than 24 hours straight per connection session. Also, my
> connection isn't that stable. I am trying to find ways to optimize this
> to make my installation and updates efficient.

> I do have broadband access, CD burners, and USB Flash drives/sticks (256-
> 512 MB) at work. Is there a way to get all these Debian packages and
> upgrades quickly? I do not and cannot run Debian at work due to heavy
> firewall restrictions (apt-get update and upgrade doesn't work well in
> VMware v4.5.x tests).

> Bascially, I would like to take the list of packages that I need to
> download and their locations, download them at work to burn to a CD-RW
> and/or USB Flash drives/sticks (haven't tested to see if Flash
> drives/sticks work on that Debian box). I see *.dep files are download-
> able from (unstable, stable,
> etc.). I do NOT want have to download each file one by one. I think
> there was about a hundred packages in apt-get upgrade list when I
> checked last night. Gah! :(

> It looks like Debian wasn't really designed for dial-up modems and I do
> not really want to get another distribution. Please note that this is a
> desktop workstation, not a notebook/laptop so portability is not an
> option.

> Thank you in advance for any suggestions. :)

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