Slackware jdk packages

From: Bryan E. Boone (
Date: 08/30/05

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    Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 09:31:41 -0400

    I'm a new user to Slackware (Slax) but not Linux. I currently run
    Debian. I am however new to Slackware's packaging system. Basically,
    I'm looking for a good resource on how to build my own Slackware
    packages. For me to do useful things on a key drive;) I need to create
    a JDK package and a NetBeans package. From what I can gather, the
    packages are some sort of compressed file, that stays compressed on the
    system until needed?
    I *think* that if I can wrestle these into slackware packages, then I
    can modify them to fit on my Slax liveCD (USB). I've checked Slax's
    forums. There's a mention that someone's done it for JDK 1.5 (but no
    mention how) and I'd like to know how so I can build packages for the
    JDK 1.6 mustang releases.
    Hopefully, I can build Slackware packages using a Debian system;)
    Thanks for any help.

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