Re: Learning Curve...

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:52:44 +0000, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> In general, how long would you say that an experienced DOS and windows
> user, would be up-to-speed in linux? I have been working with computers
> since the DOS 5.0 era and always have been somewhat "techie".
> I just installed rh7.3 on an old PII I had sitting around and have really
> enjoyed working on it, but still feel like a newbie (which is such a
> strange feeling to me). All this is still foreign to me, but I am
> certainly learning pretty quickly.
> So, just a simple "opinion-question" to satisfy my curiousity! Thanks!
> Dan

I personally would think its up to the person learning. Anyone
can do anything and a computer is a computer, so long as you have
an open mind and read the provided documentation and want to learn.
Linux now days is starting to be alot more GUI admin driven (much
to my chagrin), therefore some of the windows admins should pick
it up pretty quick. As you start to learn linux you'll see just
how much the windows world "stole" from functionality and then
massaged it into a MORE complicated method of doing things, only
to wrap a gui around the admin. Its crazy. But anyhow, just dont
think like a windows or dos guy/girl and think like you dont know
anything. Accept what is there and you'll see the beauty of Linux
and Unix as a whole. Oh, final thing. I personnally dont believe
that one person can know everything or be a total expert. Thats
why you see alot of posts from me asking simple or stupid questions.
Linux and Unix are a never ending learning experience in my
opionion. Theres always something more over the next hill to master
or learn.