lilo install problem

From: Jacques Charroy (
Date: 07/18/03

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:11:08 +0200

I use a suse 7.3 distribution and had installed lilo on the mbr during
But I couldn't get windows (95) to be booted first even by putting
default=windows or default=hdc1
in the lilo.conf file. So I used Yast1 to setup lilo once again and by
error set it up on the boot sector of the root partition. Now windows is
the default boot but it doesn't boot right: just after the lilo screen,
I get this error message:
I/O error
replace it and hit a key
which probably means that I got a boot sector problem.
by using a windows boot disk, I'm able to access the windows disk,

Here's the KDE report on my disk partitions (I have only one hard disk,
hdc and hda is the cdrom drive):

        major: minor: #blocks: use:
hdc: 22 0 8257032 I guess it
represents the hardware
hdc1: 22 1 6369741 windows
hdc2: 22 2 1 (?) I don't
understand the use of it
hdc5: 22 5 24066 /boot
hdc6: 22 6 136521 /swap
hdc7: 22 7 1718823 /

Does somebody know how I can get windows to boot once again?
thanks a lot in advance,
Jacques Charroy