SBC DSL and Linux

From: Keegan Alex (
Date: 07/21/03

Date: 21 Jul 2003 09:08:29 -0700

Hi folks,

I'm looking into switching from Road Runner to SBC DSL, but I know
little to nothing about DSL.

I don't do ISP's that require installing proprietary software (AOL,
MSN, etc), but when I review the SBC DSL website, they have a "Minimum
System Requirements" chart:,,55,00.html .

I can understand this to a point since they won't want to put it on
some old lady's computer who has a Pentium 75 with Windows 3.11, but I
want to verify they don't use some proprietary software that makes the
whole thing work. I want the 'network' portion and 'computer' portion
of my computer network to be seperate and independent of one another.

Does anyone else use SBC DSL with Linux? I want to host several
websites plus use it for web browsing. I'll probably keep RR and DSL
concurrently, and if DSL doesn't pan out, drop it. But my goal is to
run a web-server from home via the DSL.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions,