Re: RH9 boot crashes and loops

From: Kenneth Porter (
Date: 08/04/03

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 16:49:14 GMT

Nico Kadel-Garcia <> wrote in news:AZbXa.7096$W%3.5007

> OK. Boot into "rescue" mode with the RedHat installation CD. Allow it to
> find and mount the native hard drives, at /mnt/sysimage for RedHat. Copy
> or download the kernel in question. I, for example, tend to do "chroot
> /mnt/sysimage" and then run "service network restart" so I have network
> access, and ftp things from a mirror site to avoid swapping out CD's or
> floppies.
> Install the new kernel with "rpm -i kernel-debug-{}.rpm", edit lilo.conf
> if using it or doublecheck your grub.conf file, and reboot without the
> CD. This *should* let you select the appropriate kernel, if LILO or grub
> is getting far enough.

Aha, the chroot makes it possible to install RPM's into the system-under-

I've manually edited grub.conf before on other systems, so I'm pretty
comfortable with getting that working. (Well, as comfortable as one can get
editing a critical boot file. ;) At least the rescue CD lets me fix any

Kenneth Porter