Re: Backing up NIS & NFS

From: Chris Cox (
Date: 12/22/03

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 11:03:43 -0600

Steve Jenkins wrote:
> Hi,
> Wonder if anyone can help. I'm considering my companies' disaster
> recovery plan, and currently we've got a Linux server powering our
> NIS/NFS setup. If this server dies, so does NIS and NFS.
> In the same way that with a Windows domain you can have primary and
> secondary domain controllers, is it possible to have primary and
> secondary NIS/NFS controllers, so that if one dies the other can carry
> on? Will the secondary keep a complete mirror copy of the domain?

What we do is we have an NIS master and an NIS slave. Both
also export NFS home areas using a disk that both systems can
see. If one system fails, the NFS mounts will no longer work.
However, it is fairly trivial to mount the failed machine's
NFS area and export it.... and then change the DNS entry
to use just the one server for a while.