Re: USB Camera problems in Slackware 9.0, kernel 2.4.23

From: Laz (laz_at_linux.local)
Date: 12/30/03

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 17:58:02 -0600

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 03:02:04 +0000, rl wrote:

> In alt.os.linux.slackware Laz <laz@linux.local> wrote:
>> I only wanted to refute your claim that "a professional multimedia
>> workstation requires windows." This clearly isn't true. For low to
>> mid-level professional multimedia work, Macs are superior to Windows
>> boxes, and for the very highest level of multimedia, which is that
>> produced by Hollywood, it's Linux from one end to the other.
> I was comparing windows to linux because the OP already has an intel
> type architecture.

You flatly stated that "a professional multimedia workstation requires
windows." This isn't true no matter what the architecture is, unless
Hollywood graphic artists are not professionals. They use Macs, Linux
boxes (on Intel architecture), and I'm sure some of them are still using

>> Windows has multimedia software for the very good reason that it can be
>> extremely profitable to write and sell Windows software.
> Windows has the _best_ multimedia software because more people choose to
> use windows over all other operating systems put together.

Almost all Windows users have it on their boxes because it was there when
they bought the system. Most of them don't even know there is an
alternative. They don't "choose" Windows. They think Windows IS the

This isn't as true as it once was, though. Things are changing. :)
>> There are, after all, hundreds of millions of Windows machines. This
>> doesn't mean that Windows is the most suitable platform for multimedia.
> Um, yes, the best software does mean that Windows is the best platform.

I didn't say anything about "best software". You seem to be getting
confused. Are you really confused, or are you just one of those dishonest
debaters who tries to twist things around to make yourself look right,
hoping no one will notice?
>> Now, please go and recommend Windows solutions to your fellow Windows
>> users in newsgroups dedicated to Windows. People come to Linux
>> newsgroups looking for Linux solutions.
> I do have a win98 partition around here somewheres. But if you knew how
> to read headers you would know that windows users are not my fellows.

Why would I care about reading your headers? And most of all, why would I
care whether or not you're using a Linux box to attempt to give yourself
some legitimacy while you're trolling in Linux newsgroups?

> I
> have been using linux since about 1993. And I didn't know that I had to
> have my head jammed up my ass to post to a linux group. Blind little
> zealots like you are the worst enemies linux has.

Once again, since you keep trying to gloss over it: the original poster
asked how he could get his digital camera working in Linux. He didn't ask
what the best multimedia software was, as you are desperately trying to
make it seem. He wanted to know how to make it work in Linux. In Linux.
Got it?

He didn't ask about multimedia software. He didn't mention multimedia at
all. But you saw it as an opportunity to crow about Windows multimedia
software being the "best in the world, puts the rest to shame, blah blah

There is a "blind little zealot" in this thread, all right. But it isn't
a Linux zealot, and it isn't me.


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