Re: acpi with fedora core 1

From: P Gentry (
Date: 03/22/04

Date: 21 Mar 2004 17:50:18 -0800 (François Patte) wrote in message news:<>...
> Bonjour,
> I have just installed fedora and add "acpi=on" in the kernel command
> line of grub.conf. ACPI works correctly but the kernel wants to load
> all acpi modules at boot time and fails to do so for one of them (a
> "toshiba_acpi.o"); how can I tell the kernel to ignore that specific
> module? The use of "modules.conf" file is not relevant at this part of
> the boot time.
> Tie breaker: where could I find a comprehensive list of the ACPI
> possibilities and the syntax to use in the config files.
> Thank you.
> François Patte

Googling this phrase:
toshiba_acpi.o kernel boot

>From this:
I found this:
There is a module called toshiba_acpi which obviously is meant for
Toshiba laptops. So everytime I booted into the new kernel, I would
get an error from insmod -- saying that init_module could not find any
such device. Of course it couldn't, coz I don't have one! Well the
solution is to either remove the toshiba_acpi.o file from the acpi
modules directly (look inside /lib/modules/[your kernel]/kernel/acpi
or somewhere like that) or to modify the rc.sysinit script to ignore
the toshiba_acpi module. I chose to remove it since it was a simpler
[end quote]

Sounds reasonable to me.

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