Re: Strange screen cause the system to hang during boot

From: Peter (
Date: 04/05/04

Date: 5 Apr 2004 01:51:16 -0700 (Rod Smith) wrote in message news:<>...
> In article <>,
> (Peter) writes:
> >
> > I have installed Red hat Linux 8.0 on a 200Mhz MMX computer.
> > Everything went fine until i rebooted it up for the first time.
> >
> > All the messages during the boot up the screen was OK until it shows
> > the localhost login 3 times
> Could you please elaborate on this? Are you saying that the screen clears,
> displays a GUI (NOT a text-mode) login prompt, clears, displays the same
> GUI login prompt, and so on for three times? Or is something else
> happening? If it's repeatedly displaying the GUI login and then crashing,
> that sounds like an X configuration problem. If it gets as far as
> displaying the login prompt, my first guess is that the system is having
> problems finding your mouse; problems with the video card usually prevent
> it from creating a display at all.

The screen display: "Localhost login" in textmode. It clears and comes
up again 3 times and clears and then I get the strange text mode
window with a light blue background. and a dark blue smaller window.
In the darkblue rectangel there is two smaller rectangels with text
gibberish on black bakground inside. (What I called buttons).
It's my first try with Linux so I dont know how the graphical login
window is supposed to look?

> > and then I get a blue screen with a darker
> > blue frame with strange signs in like two buttons.
> Can you tell if this is text-mode or GUI? What do you mean by "strange
> signs in like two buttons"? I'm afraid I have no idea what you're trying
> to describe there. Are you saying you've got a couple of GUI buttons with
> peculiar symbols in them; that you've got a pair of text-mode buttons with
> text-mode gibberish in them; or something else?
> > From ther the computer hangs and I cant do nothing.
> It's possible that the computer isn't hung, but the display's just bad.
> Try hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1. If you get a text-mode login: prompt, you can use
> that to use Linux in text-mode and to diagnose the problem.
> Assuming the system's really hung, though, a workaround is to try booting
> the install CD and using the emergency rescue features to edit the
> /etc/inittab file in your installation. (This will be mounted somewhere
> else, though, like /mnt/etc/inittab. I don't know offhand where RH8 puts
> it in its emergency recovery mode.) This file will have a line that looks
> like this:
> id:5:initdefault:
> Change the "5" to a "3" so that the line reads:
> id:3:initdefault:
> This change will cause the system to boot into text mode rather than into
> X. Unfortunately, making this change requires a moderate understanding of
> Linux's text-mode operations, and from your post, I'm not sure if you've
> got that level of expertise. Try doing what you can and post another query
> with details about how far you got to get some more help.

I did some google and by means of adding a 3 in the startup sequency I
managed to boot up linux in text mode. Then the computer stopped at
the text "localhost login:" and after that it's not possible to do
nothing. I tried the Ctrl-Alt-F1 hovever nothing happens. Maybe as you
say it's problem with the keyboard?

Since the computer doesn't have any original USB card there is a PCI
usb card installed. Maybe this causing problem for linux? During boot
sequensy linux say that it's installing USB keyboard and USB mouse, so
therefore it causing the system to hang or maybe not only takes
command from the keyboard at the login prompt?

Thanks in advance for any help. This is my first try with Linux.
Everybody say it's great! However I got problem so therefore I doubt
that? Shall I restore good old Windows 98 again? ;-) But normally I
never give up when it comes to computers and since I still think that
Linux is the future.

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