Re: startx is not found in /usr/X11R6/bin

From: P.T. Breuer (
Date: 05/11/04

Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 00:47:49 +0200

Larry I Smith <> wrote:
> P.T. Breuer wrote:
> > I don't understand you - what do you mean by "resolving"? He asks how to
> > install X. One installs it like everything else. Click on install.
> >
> > Are you or he confusing "install" and "configure"? Is that it?
> >
> I know I shouldn't ask, but if he doesn't have X,
> then he doesn't have a GUI - so what should he
> 'click' on?

AFAIR RH 6.x has a text mode installer, based on ncurses or something.
Or am I thinking of SuSE 6.x, and yast1?

Anyway, it's far too old by many years to have a working driver for a
recent graphics card.

> I'm not familiar with RH6; are there selections he
> can make during the (re)install (from CD) to ensure
> that X is installed?

Yes. He has access to the whole package selection thing.
But it's not a "reinstall" - it's just an "install more stuff".