Setup for development

From: atlantic (
Date: 07/22/04

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 05:39:57 GMT

After two variously successful setups on a development machine, I'm
wondering --
Is the best way to setup a box for web,mysql,php development to install from
the iso's without httpd, mysql, php and then tarball them onto the system
once the 'core' is setup?
In going back into a 'full blown' install, I find it to be confusing to have
to manipulate not only the main packages, but all the dependencies as well.
It seems as though yum and up2date work fine for keeping the core system
updated, but the add-ons get pretty muddied up when you need to add a single
option. (I had to add xml/xsl support after the fact and wound up having to
strip httpd,php,mysql,xml,xsl,iconv,etc,etc,etc from the machine and then
try and source them all back in). The php configure never did work right
again afterwards, and I seriously broke the httpd setup in the process.
I realize that being somewhat new at this adds to the confusion, but I've
read about 10 different ways to configure, make, and install these packages
together - and they all claim to be "the best". I don't have a problem with
manually setting these up, but it seems that doing it 'after the fact' of a
full install from iso's is not the way to go.

Any input is appreciated.