problem using minicom

From: Ejner Borgbjerg (
Date: 07/25/04

Date: 25 Jul 2004 17:24:10 +0200

Hi all

I use Red Hat 6.2.
Just bought a "Trust" external modem.

Have trouble when connecting: I've read on
that I can use minicom to dial up.

After dialling the number, minicom reports that I'm connected.

I get this text:

CONNECT 115200

CVX Access switch

Access is restricted to authorized users only


I type the username and password that I got from the ISP.

Then I get:

Valid commands are:

   quit: hang up and disconnect
   help: list valid commands

So, it seems that I can't do anything except quit.

Of course I called the ISP, and they had no idea what was
going on. Of course, they "don't support Linux even though it will work".

Does anyone have an idea what's going on ?

Thanks alot in advance !