Re: kernel panic during install
Date: 08/05/04

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 13:32:19 -0400


don't check on a post for a couple of days and I get a zillion replies!
thanks for all the support
after much hair pulling I got it sorted out
because of the email attack making my hardrive try to beat itself to death,
I was sure this was the problem, but of course it wasn't. The problem was
happening in the first stages of install before you even get to the disk
partitioning part, I think you could get that far without even having a
harddrive. It has created a ram disk and loaded a default file system there
and is running off that ( I think is that correct? )
anyway, I took it outside and blew the dust out of it, unseated all the
cards and memory and put em back in and it ran like new.

thanks for all the ideas
dave wrote:

> Hello All,
> I've got a little plain vanilla PIII box with redat 8.0 on it that's been
> hanging out on the web from my house for several years. rock solid
> reliable. recently it experienced an attack from somebody sending me huge
> volumes of bogus email, mails with made up usernames at my domain. by the
> time I caught it I'd received about 100,000 bogus email. needles to say my
> harddrive wasn't to happy. the machine went way flaky, I managed to get
> all the data off of it before it died. first it wouldn't start X, then
> even at runlevel 3 it would fail to execute command because it couldn't
> find them, like if I typed dosomething it would say file /bi~/dosomething
> not found. the command it looked for would be spelled wrong. I assumed the
> disk was failing. I ended up up putting the drive in another box, mounting
> it and copying the last of my data that way.
> sorry about the long prelude but I wanted to give background
> I go get new 80 gig maxtor harddrive
> try to install fedora core 1 and right at the beginning I get a kernel
> panic
> iso_fs_read_super : bread failed dev=09:02, iso_blknum=16, block = 32
> Kernel Panic : VFS : Unable to Mount root fs on 09:02
> ok, now the question. at this point it's not even mesing with the
> harddrive is it? I thought it was just setting up a ram-disk. that
> iso_blknum kinda looks like it can't read the cd but when I try to run the
> media check I get the same results. I get the same error installing
> diferent distro's I have around so I don't think its the media
> any ideas anybody??
> Thanks
> Dave

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