Re: to see Windows from LInux?

From: Paul Lutus (nospam_at_nosite.zzz)
Date: 08/27/04

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:54:02 -0700

David Hill wrote:

> I'm relatively new to Linux and am trying to install it on my IBM
> Thinkpad.
> It came with a 50 GB harddrive, with WinXP installed. I shrunk (with
> part. magic) the partition to 25 GB. I then installed SUSE, and the
> installation automatically found the free space and things were great.
> From the Linux side, I could see the Win partition (C drive).
> I then, from within Windows, resized the Windows partition down to 12
> GB. I created a partition on the remaining 13 GB (called it the E
> drive) solely for data. Both E and C are NTFS.
> Problem? From Linux, I can see only C, and not E.
> Is there an easy fix to this,

If the partitions are actually as you have described them, it is a simple
matter of correctly identifying the NTFS partitions in your Linux

google "ntfs partition linux"

> or do I have to reinstall Linux since
> splitting the Windows partition in two?

There should be no reason to do this.

Paul Lutus