Re: wine-20040813-mdk.i586.rpm: Installing on Mandrake 9.1.

From: David Breakey (
Date: 09/13/04

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    Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 12:21:13 -0600

    On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 18:32 +0100, Fred wrote:
    > Appologies if this is the wrong group but I have had no response from
    > the emulator group nor any sensible response from other linux groups.
    > I cannot get wine to run. It is installed. It appears in KDE under
    > Applications/Emulators/Wine but after clicking on the symbol for
    > Cotrol Panel or Notepad nothing happens. I have tried all of the
    > symbols. Nothing else happens. I have read the literature but it would
    > appear to be well out of date.
    > I tried to run Wine in terminal mode: all I get is,
    > wine: failed to initialize /lib/i696/ version 'glibc_2.3'
    > not found (required by /ver/lib/wine/

    Looks like you've got an old version of glibc; update it, and everything
    should be fine.

    Your install of wine, or at least some component of it, is looking for a
    specific version of the glibc library, and it's not there; hence, it
    refuses to complete loading, so it fails to run. You don't want to force
    it, as the linkages would be all wrong.

    Mandrake 9.1, if I recall right, was a glibc 2.2-based system; 10.0, I
    *think* was the first version that used 2.3 (it might have been 9.2, but
    it seems a bit odd to do that and not increment the major version at the
    same time; new versions of glibc are pretty major changes). Don't rely
    on me for good knowledge of release numbers; I run Cooker, so I'm almost
    *never* running an 'actual' release :-)

    Another alternative is to recompile wine so that it is built for your
    specific configuration, but that might be more complicated, especially
    if you're not familiar with building from source.

    > Advice would be appreciated.
    > Thankyou
    > Joe

    No problem; hope this helps!

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