Re: installation problems for multiple windows OS and Linux on same machine

From: jimbo (
Date: 11/16/04

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 08:16:41 -0800

Matt wrote:
> My goal is to have Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux 9 on the same
> machine. Initially, I already have Windows 2000 and Windows XP installed,
> and every time the machine boots, it launch OS choices menu and everything
> was fine. However, after I installed Linux 9, OS choices menu has
> changed and it only shows Linux and DOS in the menu, I think that is the
> OS choices menu from Linux. When I click DOS, it will launch Windows 2000,
> and I couldn't select Windows XP anymore. Windows XP is still in the
> computer,
> but it just doesn't show in OS choices menu anymore. 3 different OS
> are located in 3 separated partitions. It should be 1 OS per partition?
> Both Windows 2000 and Linux 9 are installed as primary partition, and
> Windows XP is installed as
> logical partition. Does physical or logical partition matters on the
> OS booting selection?
> Any ideas? Any workarounds to this problem?
> Please advise. Thanks!!

I have a system with Win98, WinXP and Mepis. When I boot, I get a Linux
(lilo) menu that gives me a choice of Mepis or Windows. If I select
Windows, I get the WinXP boot menu that gives me a choice of Win98 or WinXP.

My system was dual boot before I installed Linux. Win98 on "C"
partition, first drive, WinXP on "D" partition on second drive. I used
Partition Magic to create a Linux partition on the first drive following
"C" partition. When I installed Mepis, I installed Lilo to the first
drive MBR.

Good luck, jimbo