USB wireless SMC 2662W CA and atmelwlandriver- with patch-atmel_reset.gz

From: Thufir (
Date: 11/26/04

Date: 25 Nov 2004 18:36:31 -0800

(Google doesn't archive, so follow up to ...?)

My Canadian SMC USB 802.11b network adapter
trade name: EZ Connect
Model Number: SMC2662W CA
Part Number: 99-012084-331

from <> choosing canada, then support and entering
the part number gives no matches for any version of linux :(

<> is the "Home of the
OpenSource Linux Driver for Atmel AT76C5XXx-based Wireless Devices,"
and lists the 2662W in its USB list. The USB list also says there's a
GPL driver. following the download links to sourceforge, I downloaded
atmelwlandriver- and patch-atmel_reset.gz ; which I
think is correct.

did I download the correct driver and patch? this is for FC3.

thank you,