Date: 01/01/05

Date: 1 Jan 2005 10:13:30 -0800

hi and happy new year to all of you out there

i am a new user of linux (RH9.0) I am facing two problems:

First one is that i am unsure how do i change the password policy of
my system i mean that whenever any user want to change his or her
password then the new password should be of how many characters and
which all type of characters must be used in that new password. kindly
be eleborate if possible.

Second problem is that when i give shutdown command my system goes
down but gives me a message of "power down" or "system halted" and
then i have to manually switch the system off. I have tried
'shutdown', 'halt', 'poweroff'& 'init 0'. Is there a way that when i
give a shutdown command my system goes down automatically like it
happen in windows.

Thanx alot in advance