Re: Dual Boot Failed to boot XP - SOS !!

From: Conny (
Date: 01/30/05

Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 10:48:58 +0100

"ElZorro" <> skrev i meddelandet
>I have a 40GB Primary master on which I had 4 Partitions with XP. I
> deceided to go for Fedora core 2 still retaining XP.. I deleted one of
> the partitions and created a / and a swap partition and proceeded with
> the installation. Upon restart, the GRUB screen showed up and linux
> boots up neatly. If I select XP, the screen hangs with displaying grub
> commands.. I have no clue as what is happening.. could somebody pull me
> out of this muck ? i have some data on XP which i cannot afford to
> lose.. Iam a real novice and any light in the right direction will be
> greatly appreciated..
> thanks
> Vj

You don't say where XP is but here's my GRUB conf for XP:
# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS

# on /dev/hda1

title Windows NT/2000/XP

root (hd0,0)



chainloader +1


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