Re: make win98 boot from cd?

From: Thufir (
Date: 02/01/05

Date: 1 Feb 2005 02:14:51 -0800

Tom F. wrote:
> OK, this is not easy to do, but you are really annoying me. I have
> answered you 3 times in 2 newsgroups about various questions you have
> had. All of them display a singular lack of effort on your part.

I'm sorry that you have that view, in fact I've been doing quite a bit
of reading on this.

> You need to do at least a little research for yourself (not to
> thought).
> It took me 30 seconds to find the following links. They contain 99
> percent of the information you will need. Read them. Try to follow
> instructions. If you then get into trouble, many people will be happy
> to help you, BUT you have to show a little initiate. Otherwise, find
> linux user group in your area and bribe a member with pizza and beer
> come over and install linux for you.


> This link concerns installing windows, but it doesn't matter. You
> to boot from a CD. It explains how to do that well, with bios screen
> shots and everything.

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the "boot screen" mentioned here.

> This is more information than you need about partitioning, but it
> wouldn't hurt to learn something. You can start with one partition
> root and one for swap. if you have space, use another for home. the
> rest is optional.

Thank you, before posting this question I got FC3, minimal, up and
running on the win2k machine. The win98 machine seems quite different
in its boot sequence.

> this is a good log of someone else who installed fedora.

Unfortunately, it doesn't apply as I'm stuck on the boot sequence for
the win98 machine. On the win2k machine, things seem ok.

> Read everything. try it out. if you then get into problems, post
> Speaking for myself, this is the last message I'll post to you if you
> don't follow these simple instructions.
> Tom F.

Hopefully you'll continue to help, I'd appreciate it.

Thufir Hawat