Re: Appropriate Linux for twin CPU pentium-pro machine

From: S. Brown (
Date: 02/19/05

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 02:02:35 -0600

John Beardmore <> wrote in

> I've been given a twin CPU pentium pro box.
> Granted the CPUs aren't up to much, but it has 256 meg of RAM and fairly
> quick Baracuda disks.
> Are there any current Linux distributions that will work out of the box
> with CPUs this old ?
> If not, is there a web site that details which distributions release
> will work with which generations of CPU ?
> Thanks, J/.

By "out of the box", if you mean the kernel is already multi-proc capable I
am not sure. However a nicely loaded system like that, for its age, would
probably be quite happy with Debian, Slackware, or Gentoo. The first two
will require a kernel recompile unless there are some unoffical smp kernel
packages, but if I remember Gentoo setup you can compile a kernel during
the rest of the install/compile. I find that an install of something like
Debian or Slackware with X11 and a wm like blackbox is quite snappy on a
mmx or equivalent speed.