Re: install Xandros using VMWare

From: mjt (
Date: 03/04/05

Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 07:51:41 -0600

(quentin compson <>) scribbled:

> i tried to install Xandors Desktop OS Version 3 Open Circulation Edition in
> a VMWare VM to no avail. iso is set up as the cd drive, fine. but when it
> comes to reboot, it just installs again. if i 'unmount' that iso as the
> cd drive, then VMWare complains about a missing OS.

... sounds like you didnt install it. are you using 4.x
or 5.0 of VMWARE? what makes you think xandros was
successfully installed ?

> has anyone successfully installed this version of Xandros using VMWare?

here's Xandros as a guest OS in VMWARE running on SUSE as a host:

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