Re: Wireless lan problem with ipw2200 and Dell Latitude D600

From: Ransom (
Date: 04/21/05

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:04:17 +0200

Peter Baker wrote:

> Hi
> After a week of struggling at home, I'm at the end of my tether
> trying to get my work laptop to connect via wireless under FC3.
> Sadly, it worked first time under Windows XP which isn't my
> prefered OS ;-(
> The laptop is a Dell Latitude D600 running Fedora Core 3 and the
> ipw2200 driver. I've tried both compilation from source and
> RPMs. I'm currently using RPMs
> The key appears to change
> I can't find crc32.ko but arc4 gets loaded OK

What type of encryption do you use?

I would try to bring up the wireless manually first, e.g. for WEP

iwconfig eth1 essid montan key your_wep_key enc on rate 54Mbps
(w.o. slash, that's probably wrong in your ifcfg-eth1)

ifconfig eth1 up
dhcpcd eth1

If you use WPA you need a wpa client, don't know if the iwp2200
can use wpa_supplicant.


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