Linux / WinXP Dualboot with Grub

From: Thomas Olschewski (
Date: 05/05/05

Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 20:14:14 +0200


I have 1 hdd with 3 partitions:

hda1, about 15 GB, NTFS, WinXP
hda2, about 15 GB, ext2, to install Linux later
hda3, about 10 GB, FAT32, Win98

I can boot into hda1 (WinXP) and hda3 (Win98) with a grub boot floppy. Now I
want to install grub at hda2. These were my steps:
- Started from a Linux CD,
- created dir /boot/grub at hda2
- copied files from boot floppy to this dir
- started grub
- > root (hd0,1): grub says ext2 fs found
- > setup (hd0): grub found all stage files and menu.lst
- > quit
- reboot
- removed floppy and Linux CD

Result: Just a blinking cursor, nothing else. What went wrong?