Re: SATA Raid Controller for Linux

From: Rudolf Usselmann (
Date: 05/13/05

Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 12:57:36 +0700

Michael Heiming wrote:
>>> Personally I'd stflavor suggest 3ware, they simply rock and are
>>> AFAIK all 64bit but will also work in 32bit slots.
>> 3Ware is even better than Adaptec, but tend to be hideously expensive.
> Ack, there are much cheaper devices, but it's doubtable they
> deliver software like adaptec does, the more expensive scsi raid
> controller come with tools (rpm), allowing to configure anything
> including upgrading the firmware remotely from the running OS.
> (IIRC you need to reboot to get the new controller firmware
> running.)

For me the most important thing is the "any flavor" Linux
support. E.g. the card must provide either open source
drivers, or binaries for any combination of OS/Kernel.

Second criteria is support. I sent an email to 3Ware tech
support, and immediately got an auto reply saying that will
get beck within 24 hours. Thats has been 2.5 days ago. Cost
for me is not an issue as this is for business use and
reliability and support are more important.

I am also confused weather I can use a PCI card, such as a
3Ware, in a PCI-X slot ? Do PCI-X slots support legacy
PCI 2.2 cards ? I did not see any PCI-X cards from 3Ware ...

Thanks alot for all the help guys !

Best Regards,
Rudolf Usselmann, ASICS World Services,
Your Partner for IP Cores, Design, Verification and Synthesis

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