Re: SATA Raid Controller for Linux

From: Michael Heiming (
Date: 05/13/05

Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 21:07:45 +0200

In comp.os.linux.setup Rudolf Usselmann <>:
> Michael Heiming wrote:
>>>> Personally I'd stflavor suggest 3ware, they simply rock and are
>>>> AFAIK all 64bit but will also work in 32bit slots.
>>> 3Ware is even better than Adaptec, but tend to be hideously expensive.

> For me the most important thing is the "any flavor" Linux
> support. E.g. the card must provide either open source
> drivers, or binaries for any combination of OS/Kernel.

Open source/GPL and included in a kernel tarball from
would be my preference, in addition to manufacturer CLI config
tools, script-able if possible and coming in standard package
format (rpm/deb). A GUI is a nice add on but not really needed.

> Second criteria is support. I sent an email to 3Ware tech
> support, and immediately got an auto reply saying that will
> get beck within 24 hours. Thats has been 2.5 days ago. Cost
> for me is not an issue as this is for business use and
> reliability and support are more important.

Wonder why you look at cheapo tian stuff? If you really want
availability/support get some server iron, sold by almost any
large vendor and fully supporting the two available enterprise
distro. You can get all support and any guaranteed reaction time
you can afford for hardware and software.

> I am also confused weather I can use a PCI card, such as a
> 3Ware, in a PCI-X slot ? Do PCI-X slots support legacy
> PCI 2.2 cards ? I did not see any PCI-X cards from 3Ware ...

According to the knowledge base at, where you can
find the info in a second after entering "PCI-X", yes.

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