Re: Removing bootloader completely

From: Peter T. Breuer (
Date: 06/22/05

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    Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 23:21:59 +0200

    Unruh <> wrote:
    > "Peter T. Breuer" <> writes:
    >>The meaning of "read" in this thread is NOT "copy", it is "parse".
    >>DFSee DOES read the mbr (well, at least the partition table), lilo does
    >>not. Fdisk also reads part of the first sector, but not the mbr proper,
    >>just the partition table.
    > The mbr is a binary file of length 512 bytes which is readable by almost
    > anything which can read from a disk.

    Something wrong with your ears, Bill? This thread is about somebody who
    wants to remove the mbr from his second disk because it "confuses some
    apps". I remarked that I didn't know any apps that read the mbr,
    meaning "parses it", in order that they might be confused by the
    contents of the mbr. Then somebody said that Lilo "reads" the mbr, and
    I remarked that it doesn't - it copies it, but doesn't read it, meaning
    "parse" it. hen somebody else said that DFSee reads the mbr, and I
    agreed that it probably does, meaning "parses" it, since it makes
    guesses about which mode to go into based on the contents of the first
    sector of a storage medium it is let loose upon..

    > As a binary file the contents may or
    > may not be understandable to you. If not you need a translator. But the
    > file has certainly been read and you can even understand it if you know the
    > code that it is written in.

    Unfortunately, whatever garbage you are saying, it is irrelevant.
    Copying the mbr cannot confuse an app, whatever is in the mbr,
    therefore it is not what is meant in this thread.

    > So, will you please stop this as well.


    > I do not believe the original poster said "What is the format of the MBR".

    Then believe something else.

    > but since there has been so much editing of the original post, I cannot

    Nobody has edited the orginal post.


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