Re: Mail server recommendations

From: Chiefy (lgb_at_non.existent.invalid)
Date: 08/04/05

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    Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 17:14:19 -0000

    01 Aug 2005 16:56 UTC, exotic-scales typed:
    > I'm currently using MS Exchange on an old NT 4.0 box,

    Oh dear :-(

    > ... and would like to migrate to a Linux machine (Red Hat 9, for now)
    > that I recently built. I hear that SendMail is the default, but is somewhat unwieldy.

    Slackware uses sendmail as the default mta too. The first thing I was told
    to do was to rip it out immediately and replace it with Exim, which is very
    easy to compile and configure, including integration of AV/SPAM scanning
    etc which may be useful for any 'doze users.

    If you're looking for a nice simple POP3 server try QPopper, also very easy
    to use.

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