Re: Switching to Linux, now what to buy?

From: Unruh (
Date: 09/23/05

Date: 23 Sep 2005 15:40:24 GMT writes:


>I am now switching over to linux as a workstation. I'm at
>, but I have no idea what flavor of linux to buy. I see
>three pages of CD's

>I don't know much about the different flavors but long ago an SA I knew
>swore by Mandrake. I also like RedHat, but I see so many different
>CD's and which one is the correct one to buy. For example, they have
>"CheapBytes Fedora Linux 1 Install Set, $13" and "CheapBytes Fedora
>Linux 1 Full Set, $7" Are they both install cd's? What's the
>difference? I just want to install the darn thing and get it over
>with-- no servers, just a good secure firefox or netscape browser,
>calculator, good word processor.

>I have an old 7.1 Mandrake, but I can't get it to work with my dhcp

That is far far too old. Get a modern version. Either 10.1 or 2005LE or
wait a month and get 2006.

>router. I have spent two solid days on it, read all the forums. It
>won't work! Someone said I need to install the dhcp-client. Did that,
>still don't work. I thought maybe 7.1 doesn't understand the latest
>version of dhcp until I talked to my friend who installed the latest
>Mandrake 1.5 years ago. He said it didn't work with his dhcp also, but
>that was 1.5 years ago. We both are behind a router. That's one good
>thing about Windows-- you just tell it you're using dhcp and it works.

That is one good thing about Mandrake, you just tell it you're using dhcp
and it works.

Anyway, Upgrade your 7.1. This is not based on dhcp, but on general
advice-- far more chance that your new computer will work and be supported.
Then make sure that dhcpcd is installed
urpmi dhcpcd
Then go into Mandrake Contrl Center and tell it to use dhcp.
then as root do
service network down
service network up
If there is trouble, tell us what it is-- ie exact error messages.

>I see a good buy on Mandrake, "CheapBytes Official Mandrake Linux 10.1
>(4 CD-R) $9" Is Mandrake still the kick as king in Linux security?
>Don't get me wrong, user-friendly is just as important to me as

I like it. Does that make it "kick as king"?

>security. I can't stand spending anymore weeks on installing an old
>linux os. I hear Linux workstations are a lot more stable and
>user-friendly these days. Does Mandrake have issues with dhcp?


>What about all those other flavors and such as Pink Tie Linux? Anyhow,

That is Redhat. REdhat has this thing about their trademark and do not want
other people distributing their operating system (even though they cannot
prevent it under the GPL.) So by sicing their lawyers on firms like
cheapbytes they have forced them to change the name from Redhat to pink
tie. Exactly the same distro REdhat distributes, different name due to
obnoxious legal behaviour.

>I would greatly appreciate any recommendations and info. I just want a
>desktop workstation that will guarantee to work with my router, very
>user-friendly, and secure.

guarentees we cannot give. For all we know you bought a router which is
designed to test if the operating system is Microsoft and fails if it is
not. Or you forgot to plug the thing in.

>Thanks a million,